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The market for replacement lithium ion batteries is huge. Billions of cellular phones, laptops, digital cameras & camcorders, iPods, DVD players, portable game players, power tools are in use around the world. But the competition is fierce. Hundreds of companies want your share of the market. You need an edge.
Sony NP-FT1 Battery UpStart Battery UpStart Battery is Your Edge
Your customers want good value, an excellent product, and peace of mind in their purchase. You want a reliable product with good margins, minimal service requirements, support for your marketing efforts, and simplified logistics you can count on.
Certified OEM Factories
The UpStart Battery brand has a unique advantage in that every battery is manufacturered by a certified OEM battery factory. Most of the production from these factories is branded and sold as OEM product for many of the top consumer electronics brands wordwide. The rest of the product, under exclusive distribution agreements for the replacement market, goes to UpStart Battery. The company's annual production capacity exceeds 240 million batteries.
Benefits to distributors of the UpStart Battery Line Minimal Service Requirements Contact PC Capital Today
Lifetime Warranty
Certified Factories
Premium Quality
Retail Packaging
Marketing Support
Easy Logistics
Flexible Programs
Minimal Requirements
There are few after sale service requirements. We have designed our Distribution Programs with our Partners needs in mind so that you can focus on sales and marketing.

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